Deluxe Diaper Keepers $15

Here is the latest update. I had a custom order come in from Singapore. She asked me to add some bells and whistles to the Diaper Keepers and I came up with this . . . the Deluxe Diaper Keeper. The biggest difference in the Deluxe Diaper Keeper is the built in changing pad. Never be left without one again. The lining has been traded up for a polka dot minky material. The Changing pad measures 12" by 18" roughly. It closes with velcro for ease. I make sure to use the soft side of the velcro on the changing pad so it doesn't grab on to your little ones hair or scratch them. In addition, I have added a loop that opens and closes with a snap. Now your Diaper Keeper can hang from your stroller or any other convenient spot. This can be made in any of the styles of Diaper Keepers, except the Limited Edition styles. Lily Style is shown. These sell for $15.

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