And the Winner is . . .

I went to and had them generate a random number for me. It was 4. I counted down the list 4 people and . . .drum roll please. . .the winner is Susan Lewis. You have won $10 is store credit.

Thanks to all that participated and signed up. Some really exciting things are happening right now for Red Brick Sewing. I am soon going to open a new store at This blog will be come a record of my creative efforts to get you wonderful new products instead of my catalog. The new store will have a shopping cart for easier ordering and each week for the first month I will unveil a new product starting with two new Diaper Keeper designs to a new line of bibs and burp cloths. I also hope to add hospital gowns to the catalog to brighten the day of a new mom or the chronically ill. I will offer adult and kid sizes. That is all coming up from Red Brick Sewing. Thanks so much for getting started with us from the beginning. Sincerely, I appreciate you!

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